Thursday, August 31, 2006


It wouldn't be my style to pack for an international trip the week or day before an international trip. My style would be to wait until the day OF that trip to pack.

Never fear, because I have taken the time to write a meticulous list of things to do and pack before I leave Brooklyn.
As you can see, it was written on a napkin, as if to show the great care taken to craft such a delicate list.

After a trip to the post office, the pharmacy, and some other quick errands, I'll be off to JFK via taxi. From there, I fly to Minneapolis where I will stay with my family for a (short) night.

The itinerary from Minneapolis looks something like this:

In case you can't read that, it goes Minneapolis to Chicago, Chicago to Detroit, Detroit to Osaka, and Osaka to Taipei. And yes, it all begins at 7:00AM tomorrow.

Off to run errands and finish packing . . . and say goodbye to New York.P.S. Post a comment! You'll be more likely to get a gift from my trip.


Cindy Hamen said...

Jeremy-I hope you don't do your work that way-on a napkin! Don't forget to think about science items! ;) Have fun.

Sebastian said...

Please send or hand deliver gift to:

Sebastian Fidler
Merkley + Partners
200 Varick St., 12th Floor
New York, NY 10014

I prefer overnight delivery, but can occassionally wait an extra day.

Anne said...

Hey J! This sounds like a really amazing adventure for you. It's a relief that there are still people like you out there who follow through on those sometimes inexplicable hunches life throws at you. I can't wait to read more, good luck!

Best, Anne (mezzenga)

Ian said...

yo dog,
have fun in Taiwan. Bring me back an asian chick.

Kon-ee-chee-wa bitches.

Seriously though, have a great trip, hit me up when you get back.


Jordan Rule said...

Have mucho fun. Don't bring Ian back an asian chick. Keep taking artsy pictures.

That's all for now.

Paul said...

Do you have a flickr account or something similar to house all of your artsy fartsy pictures... because you should.

later bro,
peace. paul.