Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Breakfast and Lunch at Home

We decided that it was time to take a break from all the running around town and spend a slow day at home. We enjoyed some breakfast and spent the morning reading the newspaper and relaxing. For breakfast, we had soy milk, tea, and fried sesame buns (which is Mom's favorite).

It's good to finally be able to catch up with my blogging. As you can probably tell, my posts are getting rather long-winded. I guess I am just eager to capture every moment of this trip. Don't worry, I'm trying to make sure that I don't "live life behind the lens."

For lunch, we had a home-cooked vegetarian meal. My uncle and his family are vegetarian for religious reasons, so this is what a Taiwanese vegetarian meal looks like. They have a lot of soy-meats, including these ham/pea/bamboo and fake liver dishes. You can also see a stewed winter vegetable dish, a green vegetable dish, and tater tots. Yep, they look like tater tots and they taste like tater tots, so I'm gonna call them tater tots.


Ian said...

looks like you are having a blast. hope all is going well.

I'll be in NY to collect my prize in October.

Catch you soon.

Safe and pleasant journeys through Taiwan. Are you learning to speak tai? ha.


Barbara said...

Hey, I guess I lost the toothpaste contest to Ian. Can you have another contest so I can win one? Meg and I just read your latest blog and saw the flickr pics-awesome! She thinks a better name for Annie would be "Kate". It was great to see Wendy (Cherry) in the pics!!! Please say Hi if you see her again! I miss her! Do you know that about 80% of your pics are food/drink related??? I love the photography you are posting and didn't know that you had this hidden talent! How is dad holding up? I think it must be fun for you to see him in his "native" environment!Are you picking up any language?? Have a great time in Chiayi-a part of my heart still lives there...Mom

Barbara said...

One more thing...I sent your blog address to some friends, and Julie, a homeschool mom, has assigned your blog to Isaac to read every day as part of his schoolwork..once a teacher, always a teacher...Mom