Sunday, September 03, 2006


I slept good. Real good.

After waking up at about 8:00AM, I took a much-needed shower. Dad, grandpa, uncle, and cousin were already up and having breakfast. I joined them and had a bao tse (steamed bun with vegetable filling) and warm soy milk. Add a banana and some tea and it was a nice wholesome breakfast. My cousin gave me some dried ginseng, which you chew on for health.

We have a big day planned ahead of us. Back to the action. Blog you later.


Ange said...

I'm noticting a general food theme througout your posts. . .have you been served anything on a stick yet? oh and by the way, I own "Just my Luck" and all the Sex and the City sasons, so if you want to borrow them just ask. :)

Jeremy said...

there is definitely a food theme here. food on a stick is on the way. i'll def need to get those dvds (and some nail polish?) from you before i head back to nyc.

Ange said...

you got it, i'll search for a color that brings out your eyes.