Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Contest!

Ok, so apparently Blogger is having some issues right now with posting pictures, so in the meantime, here's a little contest for all my dedicated readers . . .

Question: In what year did martial law begin and end in Taiwan, and who was responsible for imposing it?

Post your answer as a comment here and I will bring you back a small gift from Taiwan. Previous winners (Ian) cannot win again. The first correct answer wins!


Sebastian said...

On May 19, 1949, The Republic of China imposed martial law on Taiwan after fleeing China and establishing a minority government over the Taiwanese.

On July 14, 1987, the eve of my fifth birthday and in obvious tribute to myself, ROC President Chiang Ching-kuo lifted Martial Law, replacing it with a similar, "National Security Law."

Martial Law lasted 38 years.

Jeremy said...

well done, seb! your prize is on it's way home in a couple of days.

on a personal note, the last time i was in taiwan was in 1987, the year that martial law was lifted. good thing seb had a birthday that year, or i would have had to pack heat during my visit.

Barbara said...

Oh, dear, beat out again this time by Sebastian. Will there be another contest soon? As I said in my email, martial law kept us from discussing politics in our Englich classes in Taiwan. It kept us off the street when US relations were normalized with China in 1979. It also sent spies to see the activities of Taiwanese students in the US (ie, your dad)!
Freedom has a price...
Love Ya, Mom